Sunday, April 26, 2009

Family Matters but not to Todd "Urkel "Stroger

Greetings from cyber world. Over the last week or so , Cook County Board President Todd "Urkel "Stroger has dug a hole for himself that he will have great difficulty getting out from under. First he fired his cousin/CFO ,Donna Dunnings from his staff because she bailed out her former assistant , Tony " Convict" Cole, the former Ruth's Chris busboy who became her assistant and who knows what else.To her credit , she bailed out Tony Cole out on her own dime and not the County's but the bigger question became"WHY WAS A CONVICTED FELON HIRED IN THE FIRST PLACE??"

Then when questions were posed to Todd"Urkel"Stroger by Chicago's best reporter, Carol Marin, Stroger dodged them like a 4th Grade nerd in Dodgeball.... not very well.Then he got downright rude with Carol and basically had a meltdown on live television.God Bless WTTW and Carol Marin...they gave Todd all the room he needed to make an absolute ass of himself...and that's saying a lot.Later in the week, President Stroger, in an Emergency Cook County Board Meeting to discuss the financial state of the County , was asked to resign by Commissioners Larry Suffredin (D- Carol Ronen's Double Dipping Kingdom of Doom) and Tony"Baloney" Peraica (R- The parts of Cook County no one really cares about now that Betty Loren Maltese is in the pokie for fraud) for basically being asleep at the wheel while this whole fiasco went down.

Props though to "Toddler" for finally learning how to turn off "Baloney" Peraica's microphone when he was out of order. I guess Donna must have showed him where the button was on her way out along with the red phone for the Dunkin Donuts across from the County Building where they hold six dozen donuts a day to keep John Daley from chewing the furniture. Considering that Suffredin sold out Cook County Taxpayers by agreeing to go along with the Sales Tax increase only to find Cook County still in financial trouble and no end in sight ,it takes a lot of "chutzpah" to ask someone else to resign for incompetence. Next thing you know , Mayor Daley is going to tell President Stroger to be more forthcoming about the whole situation...oh wait that did happen !! So there you go"Profiles in Chutzpuh" at its finest.

When the Mayor of Chicago starts giving you advice on transparency in government the writing is on the wall. I personally want Todd Stroger to stay on as Cook County Board President.Todd is much more entertaining as President of the Cook County Board and with summer reruns approaching ,Todd Strogers administration just might be the comedy hit of the summer.I only ask one thing, could you please take every opportunity you can to give Commissioner Gainer all the publicity you can muster? I know she will be very appreciative of any help you can give her as she tries to actually run for the 10th District Board seat .She got the five votes that mattered this time but when she faces the District electorate, I suspect with your help, she will get what she truly deserves...the collective foot of the District on her bony behind right out the door.Lets see how tough she is when "Daddy" Daley distances himself from a futile run at public office. All the Great Lakes Medicaid money in the world wont buy her a personality, let alone a freaking clue. The best thing that Great Lakes Medicaid money could buy her would be a pair of scissors to cut Daley's puppet strings but we all know that once "Daddy" Daley owns you ,he owns you for life . Just ask Ron Huberman!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"Bone Dry" Bridget Gainers First Appearance on Chicago Tonight

Greetings from the Cook County Government in Exile. I say that because the 10th District Democratic Committeemen hijacked Mike Quigley's seat on the Cook County Board last weekend by voting in Daley's choice , the dull as dish water, Bridget Gainer ,over many more qualified candidates including Kim Walz , Quigleys Chief of Staff. The best thing that can be said about Bridget Gainer is that she comes from good bloodlines.Her father Bill Gainer , is a retired lobbyist and of course our friend Bridget is the Chief Lobbyist for AON Corp. Quite an achievement for a woman who ten years ago was a budget analyst for the City of Chicago.A job her daddy no doubt helped her get as he is good friends of the Daleys(Bill, Richie and John, here to fore known as the Three Stooges!!) . Little Bridget was in charge of the project that put all those hideous bus shelters on our streets.You know , the ones with the humongous ads that take up half the sidewalk when you are trying to pass some pensioner who is walking their poodle when you are in a hurry to get somewhere in the rain!THANKS BRIDGET.

Bridget Gainer was then promoted over to the Chicago Parks District where she became Director of Lakefront Parks from 1999-2001. You 'll remember this time in Chicago Park District history as the time when Millennium Park had cost over runs of $450 million .Hey just a thought here but wouldn't the Director of Lakefront Parks have some responsibility over that project and wouldn't they be responsible for who got contract bids including the one for $8 million dollars where the Director of Landscaping was later convicted of taking kickbacks of over $100,000? Well maybe that would explain why Pat Ryan,Mayor Daley's Good Friend and head of the Chicago Olympic Bid, then helped her get a job over at AON. After all, he is the majority share holder and former head of the firm and wants those City of Chicago Insurance contracts to keep rolling in.

Well in a way , you have to feel sorry for Bridget Gainer taking on this job as Cook County Commissioner for the 10th District because it is very apparent that she is nothing more than a pawn in the Daley family's bid to throw the majority of votes on the Board to President sorry, I mean Stroger, President Todd Stroger. The only man who could make George W Bush look like a Rhodes Scholar! Lets face it , if Stroger loses in 2010 and Forrest Claypool gets in , the Daley family contracts for insurance bonds and sewer inspections will probably end. Not to mention the contracts that Great Lakes Medicaid will lose for collecting funds from indigent Cook County residents who are unable to pay for their healthcare needs.Now while it is true that Bridget Gainers husband, Dennis Kibby , no longer owns a part of GLM, don't you find it kind of fishy that he would sell in October of 2008 and only after it became apparent that he would be under indictment along with LACEY THOMAS for no show work at University Medical Center ? Or do you suppose it was because he knew his wife would be in a direct conflict of interest if she were to vote on any contracts having to do with Cook County Health Care? Something tells me the plan to put you on the Cook County Board has been a long time coming and I wouldn't put anything past Mayor Daley, the Daley family and their little FAT chihuahua , John Berrios, Cook County Democratic Chairman.Would you?

Well Bridget , I guess we have to give you credit for coming a long way in ten short years.
So for your entertainment pleasure , I am now posting your first interview on Chicago Tonight with our favorite here in the Danny Fernandez Household, Eddie Arruza.,8,8&vid=041409b

A warning to viewers, this interview with Bridget Gainer and her "dazzling " personality is as dry as a package of Melba Toast in the Mojave Desert. But it is important to watch the way she does not answer any question , just circles around it like a parasitic dog who chases its tail and grinds its butt across the carpet. Its that painful . The most painful part is that she is not resigning her post as the CHIEF LOBBYIST at AON for FEDERAL AFFAIRS .So its nice that AON will now get two lobbyists for the price of one. See what your insurance dollars buy you these days!! Even on a temporary basis , this is not acceptable behavior. FIND ANOTHER LINE OF WORK BRIDGET!!!

Good luck on your first day Bridget,you are going to need it. Carol "the Cow" Cronen, the Democratic Czarina of the 48th Ward and her Band of Bolsheviks, the other 10th District Committeemen who voted for you, aren't going to be much help to you in the Democratic Primary in 2010.Funny how Carol "the Cow" betrayed the 48th Ward with her backing "Daley's Dolly " and when they find out what she has done to sell them out after they voted for her time and again, I would suffice it to say she should probably eat at home and not take any cab trips in the 48th Ward anytime soon. Once the Middle Eastern cab drivers find out how she back stabbed Jay Deratany ,a man of Syrian descent , in his quest for Mike Quigleys Board Seat , I'm pretty sure she will be doing a lot of walking in the Edgewater neighborhood.Of course this might be good for Carol "The Cow" who has the face of a mackerel and the body of a Baby Beluga Whale. Can you imagine having to roll over to that every night?? Guess there is something to be said for being gay !! And don't count on Ald Tom "More Money " Tunney either. Considering how Tunney turned his back on the LGBT Community when he didn't back two candidates ,James Madigan and Jay Paul Deratany , who were way more qualified than you for Mike Quigleys position, I would say his time might be better spent making those insidious cinnamon rolls. Stick with what you know best Tommy Boy,you've gotten in way over your head.

So in the end, we wish Bridget Gainer all the luck in the world as the new 10th District Cook County Commissioner,though we dont expect you will be there very long. Bridget, With all your charm , inability to answer questions , lack of any real political experience and " Daddy " Daley's advice , you should go far ...but only if you have bus fare for the 151 Bus since that is the ONLY way you are going to get somewhere in the next 10 months until the 2010 Primary! On the bright side , you will fit right in with all the other political hacks and Cook County Democratic Tools on the Cook County Board. I hope you get a seat next to Moreno because we know how much he is a good friend of your family.Or maybe you could sit next to Claypool, you worked for his campaign when you were working for the Park District, didn't you? How appropriate! One word of advice though, never go into the ladies washroom until at least 30 minutes after Commissioner Sims has left.It will take at least that long for the methane levels to decrease. Oh and finally, please take every photo opportunity you can with President "Urkel" Stroger, it will only help all of your opponents in 2010 of which I would expect there will be about 15 because if you have proven anything by your appointment so far, any idiot with a pulse who agrees to go along with EVERYTHING the Daleys tell them to can go VERY VERY far in ten short years. Keep on "drilling down " on those budget cuts too ,we all know how well that stopped the cost over runs in the Park District.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Quigleys replacement meeting coming up on Saturday

Hey Folks ,

In case you missed this in Sunday's Chicago Tribune, here is an intersting article on where the current candidates stand.

Would-be Quigley successors want to 'be like Mike'

by Hal Dardick at 5:45 p.m.

There was a rush “to be like Mike” on Saturday by many of those who want to replace a Cook County Board commissioner expected to soon be elected to Congress.
“In that same spirit as Mike Quigley, I’d like to ask for your support in this office,” said attorney Jay Paul Deratany.
He was one of five would-be commissioners who spoke at a public forum “to get to know the potential candidates for the potential opening,” as organizer Bob Bartell put it. Quigley hasn’t the board left yet, but the Democrat expects to win Tuesday’s election to succeed Rahm Emanuel representing the heavily Democratic 5th Congressional District.
The four other potential candidates at the Truman College forum were Bridget Gainer, an executive at Aon Corp. and former City Hall official; Michele Smith, an attorney and 43rd Ward committeeman; Kimberly Walz, Quigley’s chief of staff; and Michael Hickey, a county electrician.
Quigley made a name for himself as a self-styled reformer and critic of Board President Todd Stroger.
As such, Gainer took on the reform mantel by calling herself “a strong voice for reform.” Smith said the county is “crying out for ethical reform.” Walz said the battle started by Quigley is “not done” and described herself as “somebody who nobody sent” when Quigley hired her.
Hickey, by contrast, vowed to do more to communicate with constituents.The candidates did display differences. Smith and Walz were the only two who outright backed splitting the Forest Preserve Commission off from the County Board.Walz, Smith and Hickey support borrowing $104 million to cover an unfunded county pension liability. Deratany does not, and Gainer cast doubt on the wisdom of such a move.
If Quigley wins Tuesday, committeemen from 11 wards will gather next Saturday to hear pitches from the five candidates—and likely others who did not attend the forum put on by the Independent Voters of Illinois Independent Precinct Organization and NorthSide Democracy for America.
Four committeemen will control three quarters of the closed door vote. One of those is Smith, who said Saturday she has not yet decided who she will vote for and suggested future replacements should be elected.

Here are the names and numbers of the Committeemen involved.Make sure they know how you feel about this upcoming vote.After all , THEY WORK FOR YOU AND YOUR INTERESTS.

ward/ alderman/ phone/weighted vote

(44)- Ald. Tom Tunney 773-472-0444 - 20.54%

(48)- Sen. Carol Ronen 773-726-0480 - 19.94% (19.94%)

(46)- Committeeman Tom Sharpe 773-327-4646 (19.10%)

(43)- Committeeman Michelle Smith 773-661-2133 (17.15%)

(40)- Ald. Patrick O'Connor 773-769-1140 - (8.79%)

(39)- Committeeman Randy Barnette 773-736-5594 - (5.77%)

(50)- Sen. Ira Silverstein - 773-761-0050 (3.79%)

(49)- Committeeman David Fagus – 773- 973-4949 - (2.33%)

(32)- Rep. John Fritchey 773-871-4000 (1.9%)

(41)- Committeeman Mary O'Connor 312-208-0821 (.33%)

(45)- Ald. Pat Levar 773-283-8594 (0.33%)

Good Luck to all the Clean Candidates.

Danny Fernandez

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Quigley's Replacement-The FIX IS IN,if we dont stop it.

Hey Folks,

Today I attended the Forum for Candidates to replace Mike Quigley on Cook County Board at Truman College . The Candidates who appeared were Jay Paul Deratany, Michelle Smith (43rd Ward Committeeman) ,Bridget Gainer(AON CORPORATIONS CHIEF LOBBYIST and former Daley hack and Current Daley Crony) ,Kimberly J Walz (Quigley's Chief of Staff) and some guy named Michael S Hickey III (a Cook County Electrician who has the in enviable pleasure of having to attend every Cook County Board Meeting because he has to tape them .LUCKY HIM!!)

To tell you the truth there were a lot of good ideas and I would say that Deratany ,Smith and Walz were in a three way tie but get this, the candidate who performed miserably is being setup to get the job because she is Daley's favorite .... the incredibly connected Bridget Gainer. Word has it that the Committemen who count: Ald TOM"More Money"TUNNEY(20.5% OF WEIGHTED VOTE), Carol "Double Dip State Pensioner" RONEN ,a former North Side state senator, spent eight weeks working for GOVERNOR BLAGOJEVICH(you remember him, the guy who is going to look good in an orange jumpsuit in about a years time) and will now receive an additional $37,995 a year for the rest of her life in addition to the $75,301 annual pension she was already in line for. (Free of state taxes of course!!.) ( has 19.9 % of the weighted vote , Tom Sharpe 46th Ward Committeeman with 19.1 % of the vote and bringing up the rear is Michelle Smith , the 43rd Ward Committeemen with 17.1 % of the vote .Well you can pretty much guess that Smith is going to vote for herself ,because guess what???, she can . This stinks enough but the stink on Candidate Gainer is even worse.

First of all if Bridget Gainer is appointed she is going to be in a direct conflict of interest on ANY Cook County Health Care Issues because her husband, Dennis Kibby co owns/owned a medical collections company, Great Lakes Medicaid with his law partner ,James A Kneppper. This company ,GLM for short, had a sweetheart contract for medical collections with Cook County to collect unpaid Medical Bills owed by indigent Cook County Hospital patients. What makes this even worse is that they were paid over $700,000 on this contract based on $30 million in accounts receivable that they and two other companies who also won the Cook County Bid ,brought in.But get this , they left $100 MILLION out there and the county has basically had to write off the debt as non collectible. REAL NICE WORK GLM!!! (

So when Bridget Gainer gets crowned as the new CC Commissioner, will she and John Daley(Chairman of the Finance Committee) and President Stroger just sweep that under the rug and hope it goes away?

The story here keeps getting worse for GLM. They were also connected to Lacey Thomas ,former CEO of Cook County Hospital , who is now under indictment for fraud at University Medical Center in Las Vegas NV. Mr. Thomas gave what amounts to "ghost payroll " contracts to GLM for work they never did .(

Secondly ,Gainer used to be the Director of Lakefront Parks for the Chicago Park District. Which means that she was in charge of Operations when Park Grill got a sweetheart deal on its lease in Millennium Park ,including free garbage pick up ( was also in charge of the landscape and trades operations , which means she was in charge when the Director of Landscaping,Shirley Mc Mayon , took over $100,000 in kickbacks and steered $8 million in projects to James Michael Inc. Shirley Mc Mayon, was later convicted.( I would imagine good old Shirley ,who got 34 months is either out now ,or counting the days to her release.Either way , Gainer was her boss and should have known what was going on in the department she was running. AND NOW WE WANT TO APPOINT HER TO REPLACE MIKE QUIGLEY???

This begs the question, JUST HOW STUPID DO MAYOR DALEY ALD."MORE MONEY" TUNNEY ,and DOUBLE DIP RONEN THINK WE ARE?? This just stinks of cronyism and does not reflect the wishes of 10th District residents and voters. We need a good reform minded person to replace Quigley, not some Committeeman who will only vote for herself or whoever Mayor MAO TSE DALEY of the Peoples Republic of CHICAGO wants to anoint. Everyone in the 10th District needs to speak up about this injustice and do it fast.The meeting to decide this is April 11th,2009 at Truman College.It is open to the public so I hope you will attend and speak up to this injustice.
Go Get Em,

Danny Fernandez